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How Beauty School Changed My Life

Essential Tools Every Barber School Student Should Own

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If you are planning on attending a barber school, then you will need a set of tools. Some schools will provide a set of tools as part of the tuition, while others will only provide a list of what to get. Even if the school does provide some tools, these tools might not be high quality. It’s worth it to invest in quality tools because you will use them upon graduation, once you land a job cutting hair at a barbershop. Here are the essential tools to get and why. Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors With Tension Screw Make sure to get stainless steel hair cutting scissors. You don’t want to choose one that is made of a cheap composite material such as graphite. The cheap materials are prone to breaking and won’t hold an edge for very long. You also should avoid carbon steel. Carbon steel is strong, but it does rust. A barber needs to clean their scissors several times a day, which leaves them wet. A stainless steel blade won’t rust. The other factor to look for is a scissor that has a tension screw and can be separated into two pieces. The tension screw will let you adjust the amount of pressure needed to close the scissors. This is important because you can tailor the scissors to your exact comfort level. The reason you want to be able to separate the scissors into two pieces is so it can be sharpened. As a barber, you need to keep the blade sharp, which means you need to sharpen it as soon as you notice a dull spot or a nick. Separating the blades allows for a easy and thorough sharpening. Thinning Scissors When it comes to thinning out thick hair, nothing beats a pair of thinning shears. They are vital for layering or blending in a fade. They are used after the hair is cut with the regular scissor. Thinning scissors have “teeth” along the blade. These “teeth” prevent the blade from cutting the hair. The same considerations apply when choosing a pair of thinning scissors as when selecting other hair cutting scissors: stainless steel rather than composite or carbon.  Straight Razor A good barber won’t ever neglect the neck. In order to clean up the neck you will need a razor. The classic barber razor is the straight edge, and it remains the popular tool. They have much more style and class than a plastic safety razor. When choosing a straight razor you have two options. The first is the classic straight razor with a single attached blade. The second option is a straight blade that has a disposable blade attachment. These are popular in areas where the use of a solid blade design is prevented by law and barbers must use a disposable...

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Manicure Dreams: Becoming A Nail Technician

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For those who enjoy a lovely day at the salon to get a manicure, pedicure, or both, the person who is performing those duties is not just someone who learned this skill overnight. Becoming a professional nail technician requires the proper training, schooling, and practice in order to provide clients with a top notch job. If you’re interested in becoming a nail tech, read on to learn more about what you’ll need to know and do in order to achieve your career goals. Training and Licensing Most professional nail technicians attend a cosmetology program, with a focus on nails. Here are some things they will learn: How to properly trim and cut fingernails and toenails The best practices for caring for cuticles Proper nail polish applications, and how to apply gel polish, nail decals, and other nail decorations A good understanding of the proper safety and health methods for performing pedicures and manicures Customer service skills Ability to recognize potential or current infections of the nail Other licensing requirements Careers Most nail technicians begin working as an employee of a salon. Alternatively, they may operate as a “freelance” nail tech and rent out a booth at a local spa or salon. This can be costly and can take some time to build up a good clientele, but talented techs can create a good solid customer base using word of mouth and other promotions. Managers who have moved up in the nail technician field can manage a salon. This job also includes the ability to take inventory, work cash registers, and oversee other employees. Nail technician managers will usually work longer hours and make more money. Another option for more experienced technicians is opening their own business.  A Day in the Life On a typical day, most nail technicians will book appointments for their clients to come in and receive their mani or pedi. They will set up their station to prepare for the day’s customers, and perform various duties per the client’s request. Nail buffing, trimming, polishing, and decorating the nails are all part of the job. Some people also like to request foot or hand exfoliation or may ask for a set of silk wraps. It is important that every nail technician have all of the tools they need to perform their job duties as well as a wide array of nail polish colors and styles. Ultimately, doing a good thorough job and providing excellent customer service will keep your paying clients coming back for repeat...

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Attention Fashionistas: Tips For Staying Beautiful On A Budget

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Keeping up with the latest fashions and most popular beauty routines can be difficult for a diva on a budget. Thankfully, the tips below can help you to look like a million bucks even if your bank account is in danger of running dry. Check Out Local Thrift Shops Many of today’s most popular styles are actually recycled from past decades. The best thing about this trend is that you can easily purchase a few top of the line outfits from the original decade at a fraction of the price by simply visiting one of your local thrift shops. After an inexpensive trip to the dry cleaner, these resurrected styles will be ready to add to your wardrobe without anyone ever knowing you didn’t pay top dollar. Invest In Accessories A new belt, attractive necklace, or attention grabbing pair of earrings can easily transform an old outfit into something brand new. If you are looking for ways to make the most out of your fashion budget, consider investing in accessories rather than purchasing new clothes. This will allow you to wear each outfit in a variety of different ways so that you are always getting the most bang for your buck. Check Out Local Beauty Schools Booking an appointment with the hottest hair stylist or nail technician in town is likely to cost you a pretty penny. However, you can often get these same services at a very low cost or even for free by simply checking out the beauty schools in your local area. This is because cosmetologists in training will typically offer their services at a drastically reduced rate in order to gain the experience they need to pass their final certification exam. Best of all, if you don’t like the results the first time around, these aspiring beauty experts will often be more than glad to give it another try at no additional cost to you. Talk to a school like Maryland Beauty Academy to learn more. A Final Thought While top of the line fashions and salon treatments may be out of you budget, this does not mean that you have to give up on looking your best. By learning to utilize all of the different services in your community, you can enjoy the royal treatment even when living on a tight budget. When seeking out these services, always remember that schools are a great place to start your search. So don’t be afraid to inquire at a local dental school when seeking tooth whitening services or a nearby beauty school when looking for an inexpensive...

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